What is Cybertracx?

Cybertracx is a DATA CENTER Assets Management Solution (DCAM) for medium-to-large sized data centers which is based on Digitalor SmarRack. It provides automated positioning and tracking for data center physical IT assets.

Managing the countless servers in a big data center is like managing the books in a library. Once you lost a server's position, nobody knows when you could find it again. However, for a well-operated data center, server movement and renew are quite frequent. Operating staff could often fail to record the correct position of some servers, the wrong record will cause big trouble for future operation and maintenance.

To gain more scale effect, we are making the data center higher density and bigger scale, the amount of server have been growing rapidly. Data center operation is facing the challenge we never had before. Recording each server's location seems to be easy, but only the operating staff know how important and complex it is. Because the location can only be recorded by man, and so is importing the data into the database, all the manual process will cause inevitable mistakes and cause big trouble. Most data center managers admitted that they have encountered server loss and operation delay for wrong location record, and the loss is not a small number. What's worse is that they don't have an idea to solve this problem.

For this problem, Digitalor invented its practical solution, SmarRack module, which has been chosen by Huawei, ZTE, Tencent and many other big IT companies. Now Digitalor made the solution easier, a brand new server rack which has the standard installation socket for SmarRack module is available now. If you are using this kind of rack, you are able to add the SmarRack module to your server anytime, seamlessly. The new rack cost no more, but brings the capability to evolve. After installing SmarRack module, your rack can track the server's position automatically in real-time.